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Access information

  • Access by airplane
  • Access by train
  • Access by car
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Access by airplane

Komatsu Airport

※Very few flights have been cancelled due to snow.
※The number of flights might be modified depending on the season.
From Tokyo (10 services / days) From Sapporo (one service / day) From Fukuoka (4 services / days)
From Sendai (2 services / days) From Naha (one service / day) From Narita (one service / day)
From Seoul (3 services / week)
From Shanghai (4 services / week)
From Taipei (5 services / week)
International cargo flight Komatsu - Luxembourg (3 services / week)

Noto Airport

Noto Airport ※Very few flights have been cancelled due to snow.
From Tokyo (2 services / days)

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Access by train, Shinkansen

JR East & West Railways

Kanazawa - Tokyo (Hokuriku Shinkansen time required a minimum period of two hours 28 minutes)
Kanazawa - Kyoto - Osaka interval (time required two hours 30 minutes)
Kanazawa - Kyoto interval (time required two hours three minutes)
Kanazawa - Maibara - Nagoya interval (time required two hours 27 minutes)

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Access by car

NEXCO West Japan, NEXCO Central & NEXCO East Japan

Ishikawa is connected to the great metropolitan area from Hokuriku motorway through Kanetsu and Joshinetsu motorways as well as Meishin and Tomei expressways.

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Access by bus

Express bus

Kanazawa ⇔ Hachioji Shibuya, Kanazawa ⇔ Yokohama Shonan, Kanazawa ⇔ Nagoya, Kanazawa ⇔ Osaka,
Kanazawa ⇔ Sendai, Kanazawa ⇔ Niigata, Kanazawa ⇔ Toyama, Kanazawa ⇔ Takayama Shirakawago, Kanazawa ⇔ Takaoka
Hokuriku Railroad express bus

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Ishikawa Ryokan Hotel Association
〒The fifth floor of 920-0025 1-14-29, Ekinishihonmachi, Kanazawa-shi sun Kanazawa Building TEL: 076-263-5777 FAX: 076-265-7631

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