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Wajima-shi inn, hotel

Ishikawa map (hotels)
Kaiyu Notonosho (海游能登の庄)
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Nebuta Onsen

Delicate accessory of lacquer and Japanese paper is arranged in all facilities in hall with tatami mat floor and can face the Sea of Japan from at every turn. Seasonal dishes which are colored with container of Wajima lacquering technique. Hot spring spring quality with moist fair skin effect. Please enjoy a time when discerning hot-spring ryokan treats.

It is approximately 7 minutes by taxi from road station Wajima.
It is approximately 30 minutes by taxi from Noto Airport. One and use of village forest village Sea coastal highway approximately 120 minutes of Hokuriku Expressway Morimoto IC.

〒928-0005 Onomachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa crane ka pond 72Onomachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa crane ka pond 72

TEL: 0768-22-0213 FAX: 0768-22-2797

Wajima Onsen Yashio (輪島温泉八汐)
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Wajima hot-spring village

Deluxe location that can thoroughly enjoy moisture of nature showing the sunrise and the sunset over there of the sea entirely. It is fun that in such seascape and seafood, time for healing of the sea. Morning market, evening has many walk spots around cities, too.

Is car than Noto Airport, Noto toll road Noto Airport IC; approximately 30 minutes. Is car than former Wajima Station; approximately six minutes.

〒928-0073 1, Sodegahama, Fugeshimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa1, Sodegahama, Fugeshimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-0600 FAX: 0768-22-9119

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Wajima hot-spring village

Large communal bath proud of open-air bath of natural hot spring which the Sea of Japan can overlook and Noto first-rate area. In guest room on the sea side, the sea opening to fill the window plays the sound of the sea breaking on the shore which affects several folds, and it is tone that heart feels at ease when we close our eyes. Meal, please enjoy banquet dishes using fresh ingredients of trained Noto by angry waves of the Sea of Japan.

It is approximately one hour 30 minutes by car from Kanazawa via Noto toll road to Wajima

〒928-0003 2-31-6, Tsukadamachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa2-31-6, Tsukadamachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-8888 FAX: 0768-22-7010

Kawabata Ryokan (kawabataryokan)
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As inn to be able to also use in cheapness carelessly where tourists are quiet in this hotel effort itashiteomasu. We look forward to employee (family) all members, your coming heartily.

☆It is approximately 55 minutes from Wakura-Onsen Station
★As limited express bus to former Wajima Station (aimlessly visit to dream) was founded from Wakura-Onsen Station, please use that one! (approximately 55 minutes)
★Train which is available for limited express bus transfer for Wajima than Wakura-Onsen Station is Thunderbird, Shirasagi. Please confirm.

〒928-0001 3-156-1, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa3-156-1, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-0014 FAX: 0768-22-4014

Urushinoyado Yashiki Ryokan (うるしの宿やしき旅館)
For more information:

Wajima hot-spring village

It is accommodation made with Hamaya of lacquering of the entrance, pillar, floor. Kaiseki-style carry homemade Wajima-style Japanese style dishes such as craggy coast juice, Teuchi soba to room after free reservations family bath entered "lacquer art hinoki bath (hot spring) which there is in garden".

It is the Wajima court entrance right side of a 5-minute walk by car from 25 minutes, Wajima bus station from Noto toll road terminal to the Wajima area.

〒928-0001 15-13, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa15-13, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-0138 FAX: 0768-22-5729

Hanaya Ryokan (花屋旅館)
For more information:

Wajima hot-spring village

We take Wajima lacquering technique and seafood in ring-style accommodation which was particular about black lacquer and materials from hometown

The nearest station: It is 120 minutes by car from JR Kanazawa Station.
Nearest IC: It is 20 minutes by car from Noto toll road Anamizu IC.
Airplane: It is 20 minutes by car from Noto Airport.
※It is five minutes on foot from Wajima bus terminal.

〒928-0001 3-196, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa3-196, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-0272 FAX: 0768-22-5564

Ryokan Ebisuya (旅館恵比須屋)
For more information:

It is near to Wajima Station and is most suitable for visit of gojinjotako and morning market. Dishes (please confirm conduct day) specialty at reasonable price! In addition, even with breakfast and room without meals are welcome!

・When you come at Noto Airport (you access from Noto Airport),
・In the case of car, it is one hour 40 minutes by use of Noto toll road from Kanazawa
・In the case of the limited express bus use, it is two hours from Kanazawa
・It is a 4-minute walk from visit to dream aimlessly Wajima Station
・In morning market, it is three minutes by 10-minute walk, car
・To Wajima Lacquerware Hall an 8-minute walk,
・Is car to Ishikawa Prefectural lacquer art Museum in a 10-minute walk; for two minutes,

〒928-0001 18-42, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa18-42, Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-0296 FAX: 0768-22-0100

Ryoshinoyado Shirogane (漁師の宿城兼)
For more information:

Wajima hot-spring village

When pass through the entrance hall; the Sea of Japan. When enter room; sound of wave. We enjoy dishes while seeing the Sea of Japan where fish which father caught equals dinner on day of the calm, and it seems to the setting sun and luring fire. There is not magnificence, but there is moment to be able to taste only here.

Is car by car than Wajima bus terminal from Noto toll road terminal for 30 minutes; seven minutes

〒928-0005 5, Onomachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa5, Onomachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-5656 FAX: 0768-22-5657

For more information:

Lobby which was filled with distant view Japanese paper which combed wild grass and seaweed, and was crowded by the unique manufacturing method. Indirect lighting lights up kindly. Works of various artists form a line in the hall, and feeling fully frets with atmosphere of the sum. It is good location of 400m to Wajima morning market.

Getting off, a 5-minute walk by Wajima limited express bus in front of the lacquerware hall. Please feel free to contact.

〒928-0061 8-4-5, Shinbashidori, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa8-4-5, Shinbashidori, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-0236 FAX: 0768-22-5626

Hotel Mercato Wajima (ホテルメルカート輪島)
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With all plans dynasty light meal. There is free parking lot. Large public bath with sauna which is available for day trip bath. We are fully equipped with restroom with washing machine in all rooms. Lobby supports fleece pot, and the Internet is available by bringing with PC, wireless LAN apparatus.

Is car than Noto Airport, Noto toll road Anamizu IC; approximately 25 minutes. From Wajima bus terminal (former Wajima Station) a 3-minute walk.

〒928-0011 2, Yada, Sugihiramachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa2, Yada, Sugihiramachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-22-9680 FAX: 0768-22-9681

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