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Ishikawa map (hotels)
Noto Kankô Hotel (能登観光ホテル)
For more information:

We were proud of rich nature among the sea and mountains and came back to house of grandmother of the country! It is small accommodation which can feel such. In comfortable environment where ingredients of fresh, delicious nature are available immediately, we pray customer through the eating habits rich naturally that there is not in city to provide the richness of heart.

In the case of use of car, it is approximately two hours ten minutes from Kanazawa

〒927-1326 Mauramachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa ka 6-1Mauramachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa ka 6-1

TEL: 0768-32-0406 FAX: 0768-32-1345

Hotel Kairaku-so (worth to flush takes its ease so)
For more information:

As for the dishes, chef who putting all the skill to fresh seafood of the Sea of Japan before eyes or wild plants of the four seasons of mountain behind creates taste peculiar to Kairaku-so.   Please taste to one's heart's content while looking at magnificent scenery of the Sea of Japan.


〒927-1325 Mauramachi, Suzu-shi ka 16Mauramachi, Suzu-shi ka 16

TEL: 0768-32-1078 FAX: 0768-32-1344

Noroshikan (狼煙館)
For more information:

Rokugosaki Onsen

Of Noto Peninsula is the highest, and is located, and the sun sets from the sea in the up sea. The sunrise, the sunset from rokugosakitodai is superb view! We have you have fish and shellfish that grew up by angry waves of the Sea of Japan on the produced day.

From JR Kanazawa Station a 3-minute walk from Hokuriku bus limited express two hours 30 minutes bowl ka sakishitashaokunotokaihatsu 20 minutes beacon donkeys bower.

〒927-1441 Noroshimachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa o 9Noroshimachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa o 9

TEL: 0768-86-2021 FAX: 0768-86-2034

Yoshigaura Onsen Lampnoyado (よしが浦温泉ランプの宿)
For more information:

Yoshigaura Onsen

Concert of the sound of the sea breaking on the shore which hears sound of wave while looking at star-filled sky is the world of "dream within a dream". Visit by all means.

It is 15 minutes by car after bus ride, Lake Kasumigaura stop getting off from / Suzu Station from Suzu Station in a 15-minute walk

〒927-1451 10-11, Misakimachijike, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa10-11, Misakimachijike, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-86-8000 FAX: 0768-86-8080

Rokkô Ryokan (禄光旅館)
For more information:

Rokugosaki Onsen

Right around Cape Rokko-zaki Lighthouse which can see setting sun which is depressed, and goes the rising morning sun from the sea both! Accommodation which seafood which was just produced in port before eyes can taste. We are moved with starlit sky of perfect score and the sea of vast panorama! We can enjoy Nature of Noto leisurely★

It is beacon getting off, a 3-minute walk by depths Noto sightseeing bus

〒927-1441 Noroshimachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa he 78Noroshimachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa he 78

TEL: 0768-86-2026 FAX: 0768-86-2076

Tanino Ryokan (谷野旅館)
For more information:

Location that is at Iida and halfway point of State of ball Station, and is convenient for base and business of sightseeing in depths Noto. Taste of the seasonal Sea of Japan mainly on fresh fish and shellfish is attractive! To person who wants to relax leisurely!

When fall other than car from / Noto Airport; is 40 minutes by taxi (1,500 yen reservation required)
Enter R249 at car / sekietsu in one and village forest village Sea coastal highway of Hokuriku Expressway to terminal on ... Kunogi, Anamizu IC - ball state road to the Anamizu area; is the right turn right hand at in front of State of ball Station west exit intersection

Other than car by getting off at /JR Kanazawa Station, limited express bus to Suzu
Is it Anamizu in one and village forest village Sea coastal highway of Hokuriku Expressway from car / Meishin Expressway?...

〒927-1214 12-52, Iidamachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa12-52, Iidamachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-82-1235 FAX: 0768-82-4150

Futashima Ryokan (二島旅館)
For more information:

Hot-bath resort inn where Suzu hot spring hot-bath resort Futashima Ryokan has the original source. There is island of 28m in height called symbol Mitsukejima (Gunkanjima) of Noto from inn to a 5-minute walk. At the outskirts, we can enjoy sea bathing and fishing. We enter large communal bath and can spend slow time.


〒927-1222 2-6, Horyumachiukai, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa2-6, Horyumachiukai, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0768-84-1203 FAX:

Tazakiso (tazakiso)
For more information:

It is a 3-minute walk to Mitsukejima! Accommodation featuring fresh Japanese seafood and warm bath set in the cave. Rider welcome!


〒927-1223 Horyuumachiushima, Suzu-shi ha 76-3Horyuumachiushima, Suzu-shi ha 76-3

TEL: 0768-84-1258 FAX:

Suzu Beach Hotel (珠洲ビーチホテル)
For more information:

Hotel which overlooks shallow for a good distance from the shore Suzu bowl ka sakikaisuiyokujo excellent at transparency in the prefecture located at the tip of Noto. From one spent happily in family, which is pool, fitness, gym, activity including tennis come by all means.

Is car than Noto Airport; 45 minutes.

〒927-1204 Takojimamachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa copy 2-480Takojimamachi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa copy 2-480

TEL: 0768-82-7000 FAX: 0768-82-7001

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