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Akasaki Onsen Mejima Kan (赤崎温泉女島館)
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Dinner uses good luck of Noto abundantly, and seafood is specialty dish becoming important.

The nearest station: It is 12 minutes by car from JR Nanao Station
Nearest IC: It is 40 minutes by car from noetsujidoshadokoden IC

〒926-0006 13-1, To, Otamachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa13-1, To, Otamachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0767-52-1147 FAX: 0767-52-1197

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A lot of good old history stays and runs rich Japanese-style hotel which can enjoy taste of Noto to customer naturally in Nanao-shi that leading, is located of comfortable Noto Peninsula. As base of sightseeing in Noto, please use again as place of rest of work.

●Noto Airport <-> Traffic of Nanao
You can use oldness and taxi (person from one-way 1,300 yen /1).

●Komatsu Airport <-> Traffic of Nanao
Nonstop buses from Komatsu Airport to JR Kanazawa Station are operated. Come by JR Nanao Line from JR Kanazawa Station.

●It is use by railroad
Through train "Thunderbird" from Osaka, Kyoto to Nanao is Nago...

〒926-0044 54, Aioicho, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa54, Aioicho, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0767-52-3160 FAX: 0767-53-5552

Satamiya Ryokan (さたみや旅館)
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It is quiet accommodation which provides seafood of the collection of Gulf of Nanao abundantly. We offer student camp plan, business plan

Is jitney than / Noto Airport than / Hokuriku Expressway "Kanazawa west IC" than JR "Nanao Station" for 70 minutes in a 3-minute walk; 60 minutes

〒926-0047 10, Otemachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa10, Otemachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0767-52-3434 FAX: 0767-52-3435

Dishes Ryokan Nanaojô (cook 旅館七尾城)
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It is built in Yamashiro halfway up a mountain, and Noto Peninsula, Gulf of Nanao overlook. Night view in particular is exquisite! One accommodation which is cozy slowly calmly among the mountains. Fine view open-air bath of OK is charm for dishes and 24 hours of a lot of seafood of the master associating with with low charge with genuine article!


〒926-0014 19, Yatamachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa gun mountain 1119, Yatamachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa gun mountain 11

TEL: 0767-53-1223 FAX: 0767-53-1223

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Always have taste of Umeya utilized fresh fresh material by all means from the sea

From Wakura-Onsen Station Notojima traffic bus [approximately 33 minutes]
Noto Airport oldness and taxi [reservation required] Noto Airport ← → It becomes Notojima civic center. We take Notojima civic center ⇔ accommodation to and from [the advance reservations pivot]

〒926-0203 55-30, Notojimaenomemachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa55-30, Notojimaenomemachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 0767-84-1315 FAX: 0767-84-1195

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