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Hakusan-shi (Mikawa, Matto), Nonoichi-shi

Ishikawa map (hotels)
Matto terminal hotel (mattoutaminaruhoteru)
For more information:

From JR Matto Station a 2-minute walk. Matto terminal hotel is budget hotel having good access. When you come to business, sightseeing, please use. The front desk waits for all of you for 24 hours of relief.

JR Matto Station - 2-minute walk
It is ten minutes by Tokyo area = Hakusan interchange car 
Is car than Osaka area = Mikawa interchange; 15 minutes

〒924-0887 28, Higashisanbancho, Hakusan-shi28, Higashisanbancho, Hakusan-shi

TEL: 076-275-3322 FAX: 076-275-8930

New Matto terminal hotel (nyumattoutaminaruhoteru)
For more information:

New Matto terminal hotel which is located near Hakusan-shi Matto Station. We invite customer in brightly opening-like entrance of calm color. It is new hotel which is most suitable for automatic apparatus and trip and business use including security measures perfect card key system that we can check in at smoothly. Time comfortable slowly hyper;...

It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from approximately ten minutes, the getting off at JR Matto Station north exit by train from JR Kanazawa Station

〒924-0081 2-9-1, Ainoki, Hakusan-shi, Ishikawa2-9-1, Ainoki, Hakusan-shi, Ishikawa

TEL: 076-225-6644 FAX: 076-225-6645

Seaside Matto (shisaidomattou)
For more information:

You keep the comfortable location alive and can use "seaside Matto" to be built in site of Matto Coast park spreading out for north and south 1.5km as base having you enjoy various recreation in garden and sea bathing in beach immediate on foot, sightseeing in Kanazawa. In spite of being simple guest room called 8-mat Japanese-style room, is it Asamizu deep frying in fishing port in Ishikawa in all rooms?...


〒924-0027 2462, Sogomachi, Hakusan-shi2462, Sogomachi, Hakusan-shi

TEL: 076-274-3190 FAX: 076-274-5522

Grand Hotel Hakusan (gurandohoteruhakusan)
For more information:

If it is sightseeing of Ishikawa including Kanazawa, Hakusan, please examine Grand Hotel Hakusan in front of Matto Station from Kanazawa Station for ten minutes. At restaurant of our hotel, well-known total chef offers hospitality with Kaga dishes. In addition, around hotel, we can see the sights of Kenroku-en Garden, Kanazawa-jo Castle, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa of Kanazawa-shi, Oumicho market said to be kitchen of Kanazawa.

It is a 3-minute walk from JR Matto Station
It is ten minutes from JR Kanazawa Station
It is approximately 35 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport

〒924-0871 157-2, Nishishinmachi, Hakusan-shi157-2, Nishishinmachi, Hakusan-shi

TEL: 076-274-0001 FAX: 076-274-7412

For more information:

Specifications standard in double bed (width 1400) relaxing relaxedly. In hall, you can spend taking off shoes, and being relaxed. Entirely non-smoking (corner perfection smoking in each floor) Guest can use hot water of the sky free.

Is car than Hokuriku Expressway, Hakusan I.C.; six minutes. Is car than JR Matto Station; five minutes.

〒921-8848 Yanagimachi, Nonoichi-shi land readjustment project enforcement district 11 blockYanagimachi, Nonoichi-shi land readjustment project enforcement district 11 block

TEL: 076-216-0100 FAX: 076-216-0150

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〒The fifth floor of 920-0025 1-14-29, Ekinishihonmachi, Kanazawa-shi sun Kanazawa Building TEL: 076-263-5777 FAX: 076-265-7631

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