Let play in nephews; Ishikawa blogs RSS http://www.ishikawa-ryokanhotel.or.jp/ Ishikawa Ryokan and Hotel Association official site: Let play in nephews; Ishikawa ja ja ekusuma New Year seminar https://ameblo.jp/wajimaichi/entry-12433516607.html We were able to come this year! ekusuma New Year seminar! It is movie and drama in being marketing seminar? What's that? ? ? It will be that there is person thinking of this. When it says roughly that the times to evolve more than imagination need technology including AI; coimpressive power of an art. Feel drama and movie, music, art with Gokan in various meanings to polish the coimpressive power of an art! We had such a message. Finally everybody who made drama and movie goes on the platform! Thank you. Who would say that you must not enjoy work? We must enjoy work! Work such as play, play such as work. It may be imprudent expression when we have a look, but is profound idea. Because play is open seriously, it is fun and thinks that it is necessary idea in work such as play, this time when we play, and the times change such as work though we think whether it does not reach because is not tired, is earnest, playing is fun when it is quite good sentence that work enjoys like play like that to be absorbed in. Blog https://ameblo.jp/wajimaichi/ 2019-01-17T07:28:20Z @ Kioicho that is business trip to Tokyo. https://ameblo.jp/wajimaichi/entry-12433509856.html Business trip to Tokyo. Of course it is from noto village forest Airport ✈️ to Haneda. It is Ikkyu on that day. We visited com, Akasaka with office of yahoo! travel. But there were various kinds and went to office of Kioicho of yahoo!! Information exchange including story of OTA and future development was possible and had various hint when we had topic explain PayPay where it was at the end of last year. By the way, point grant returned on so-called PayPay feast day of the end of last year seems to begin, and PayPay payments seem to gradually increase. Thinking that it is in direction of introduction if we come back to Wajima and can adjust, but what happening. . . Don't miss it! Yeah. If leave office, and make a little, is Kioicho; illuminations! su, wonderful yan. Impression yan !! That reminds me it is Saigo don! It is secret that tension went up than illuminations to see seal of Kii Tokugawa house and lot trace because we watched this. Speaking of such illuminations, glitter of Wajima polished rice omasum field ridge is now being held. Illuminations of Wajima polished rice omasum field are wonderful, too! We do it until March 10! Blog https://ameblo.jp/wajimaichi/ 2019-01-16T06:32:39Z We do it this year. It is crab by village forest Airport winter season campaign of this! https://ameblo.jp/wajimaichi/entry-12433248596.html We did it this season! We campaign of this in the village forest Airport winter season! It is glad campaign to get Noto beef and crab when we apply with boarding pass using one and village forest Airport of periods from beef ✖️ crab battle last December to February 28, 2019 and hit by lot. For more details, please confirm on homepage of noto village forest Airport. Blog https://ameblo.jp/wajimaichi/ 2019-01-15T23:39:28Z wakutamakun - celebration ☆Adult http://blog.livedoor.jp/wakuraonsen/archives/51904742.html  ゜゜ * ☆*☆*゜゜゜ * ☆Adult congratulations ゜゜ * ☆*☆*゜゜゜ *☆ Blog http://blog.livedoor.jp/wakuraonsen/ 2019-01-14T10:10:06Z Beautiful weather! Blue sky and Hakusan https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/hananosho/diary/201901130000/ Hello, it is Awazu Onsen Tsujinoya Hananoshô. There are many fine days this year. Want to take Hakusan in that from somewhere as was very refreshing blue sky today; and shooting place with hill of Kiba lagoon and Saegusa... Blog https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/hananosho/ 2019-01-13T19:18:46Z ◆For winter drying, skin roughness "hot spring water" https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/bansyoukaku/diary/201901120000/ The winter room has low humidity in drying by heating and is dry. Burden hangs over skin in difference of indoor temperature and outside temperature being big more, and damage never remains on skin. We dry and are dry and we have rashs and do... Blog https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/bansyoukaku/ 2019-01-12T16:52:54Z wakutamakun - 2019 New Year's card‼ http://blog.livedoor.jp/wakuraonsen/archives/51904640.html Hello! wakutamakundesu ☆2019 wild boar age Blog http://blog.livedoor.jp/wakuraonsen/ 2019-01-08T16:18:20Z It is (*^-^*) Happy New Year https://blog.goo.ne.jp/yamashiro_spa/e/e424cc69c8ce1390d1393bac624ab8c2?fm=rss Are there few people who can say the rear "i" of the twelve signs of the zodiac age sexagenary cycle 12 in turn unexpectedly? kamo. This year is "i" year. Start is i in child ... and the Ox, tiger, u, dragon, serpent, go, non-monkey, tori, inu ... last. (able to say ?)   Final "Heisei" Know, this year is year of the Heisei last! What kind of name will it really become? It seems to become name except feeling to begin in setsu rigaarimasennee ... "M" (ma mi mu me mo) "T" (ta chi tu te to) "S" (sa shi su se so) "H" (ha hi hu he ho) if we devise. It is ... "A row" or "KA row" "NA row" "YA row" ... to say father; or ... libation Libation of the beginning of this year "Champagne." (^^)/ brand that opening sound enlivens feeling called "pop tsu - ♬" "Poll Roge buryutto reserve" (POL ROGER BRUT RESERVE). Color taste of light yellow of assemblage of "Pineau noaru" "Chardonnay" "Pineau munie" and delicate, rich bubble. Flavor of vanilla which is dim to pear mango. Nuance of spice such as apricot jam and honey, apricot opened in mouth full, and there were beautiful harmony and feeling of comfortable fresh u. It became specialized, but ability of ... WA92 point, WS91 point was quite good guy. . . It is nonihongo of this year (※ WA: wainadobookeito, WS: wainsupeikuteita-) "It was what kind of age this year" if it became year-end and New Year  "It is what kind of year this year" There may be many people to think about in this!  As for the kanji (Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation) of 2018 this year, grand prix (U-CAN) was "sodane" new word vogue word award "evil" a year. In Yamashiro Onsen, we honor that achievement of father "Myokaku" (the chief priest), the basics of "kana syllabary, a i u e o" of interest were made in House of Buddhist saint with healing powers Onsenji in center of commerce of hot spring resort and carry out plan to invite public participation for "this year nonihongo" from last year. Please let know words such as ... to aim for in this year when we want to tell work of this 2019 to all beginning in "a, ka, sa, ta, na, ha, ma, ya, ra, wa ..." (A column).  Wonderful present is prepared for. Right or wrong! Then it prospers and prays for 2019 (2019) to be a certain health year and follows and looks forward to Yamashiro Onsen to come over to right or wrong, "Yamashiro Onsen" to patronage, the first person. (joining hands)                                 Blog https://blog.goo.ne.jp/yamashiro_spa?fm=rss 2019-01-02T09:18:15Z ◆A Happy New Year. https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/bansyoukaku/diary/201901010000/ A Happy New Year. All of you are pleased with the bright New Year with thing to pick up. We hope that we have more favor in this year. Accommodation where is green on New Year's Day for 2,019 years ... Blog https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/bansyoukaku/ 2019-01-01T11:59:38Z wakutamakun - January 1, 2019 http://blog.livedoor.jp/wakuraonsen/archives/51904269.html Hello! wakutamakundesu ☆A Happy New Year! So that it is wonderful one year for everybody; ...☆ Blog http://blog.livedoor.jp/wakuraonsen/ 2019-01-01T10:10:25Z